Sea Freight

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The map and interactive model of the sea freight containerised supply chain is now available as an online module. Participants can login and interact with the model, view videos and detailed information about interactions in the supply chain. You can come and go as often as you like and when you feel ready you can take a short quiz.

Once you pass the quiz you will be issued with a certificate of completion.


  • Interactive map of sea freight supply chain + nodal overviews
  • Sea freight quiz
  • Sea freight certificate
  • Bonus high level interactive map of air supply chain

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What is an ideal sea freight supply chain process?

Best case import
Best case export
What is the reality?

The BAHS Process

A world of complexity

Hours of operation – Port of Melbourne Supply Chains 2005-2009

To view examples of findings click images below:

Reference documents

Sea Freight BAHS Stage 1 Report

BAHS Stage 2 Final

Sea Freight BAHS Stage 3 Plenary Presentation

Sea Freight BAHS Stage 4 Implementation Plan

Review of Operating Hours 2009

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Victorian Freight and Logistics Council

Port of Melbourne Corporation

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