Air Freight

Air freight supply chains are very time compressed and involve a high degree of collaboration to move high value, time sensitive and often perishable freight.

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Sea Freight

The map and interactive model of the sea freight containerised supply chain is now available as an online module. View videos and detailed information about interactions in the supply chain.

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 World Class Supply Chains

Behind every world-class supply chain is an astute customer teamed with suppliers, all working collaboratively to achieve value in a highly complex and time-critical environment.

Supply chain BAHS offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness of how international supply chains operate. Gaining a whole-of-supply-chain perspective will help you to

  • Understand what happens to your products when they leave your premises and how they get to your business
  • Appreciate the business imperatives and role of each link in international supply chains
  • Identify savings, more efficient processes and share the benefits with your supply chain partners and customers
  • Learn how the actions you take in your business affect others; how one error can create knock-on impacts; and how getting it right first time can benefit an entire supply chain.

Stage I of BAHS has delivered a rich resource of supply chain knowledge to be shared among the trade and supplier community;

Staff with an understanding of the entire supply chain work with greater sense of purpose and are better equipped to respond proactively and productively.

A workforce trained with consistency is able to communicate more effectively and have greater problem solving ability.

Companies with well-trained, knowledgeable employees are able to adapt to change more effectively, seize market opportunities more readily and are more resilient.

Nowhere is the need for high level planning and coordination more evident than in the time-sensitive freight market which includes important Australian farm and food processing exports.

Intended Audience

  • International shippers (Importers / Exporters)
  • Students
  • Suppliers of transport and logistics services
  • Regulators

So they can become more aware of the dynamics of their supply chain and understand the business imperatives of their suppliers, which can help them work out collaborative solutions.

“The Victorian Airfreight Working Group’s (VAWG’s) goal is to make Victoria the “Gateway of Choice” for airfreight. First choice for freighter aircraft and first choice for point of entry into Australia.”

Wes McDiarmid – Chair, Victorian Airfreight Working Group
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